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Default To Soft-Scrub or to not Soft-Scrub

I've always used marine type cleaners, specifically Star Brite. It gets pricy using this stuff and lately I see other boat owners using Soft Scrub to clean their boat (bow and seating areas outside). Whats the consensus?

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actually soft scrub is great stuff...also concider barkeepers friend.....this stuff gets rust and other things off the decks and other you can get it at the local safeway or any grocery store for works....also Mr Clean scrubber works great......wife uses that on everything.....
anything you can do to lower your cost is definitely worth it...don't let anyone kid don't need marine everything to boat....
here's something I'll betcha ya never thought of.....if you have a serpentine belt..take it off and go to your local autoparts store....they can match it up perfectly for half of what the marine version costs...


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I'll second the soft and great. Just make sure you give your boat a good rinse aferwards. Sometimes it will leave a film.
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its a little bit the same question as

to be or not to be

to do or not to to do

but seriously.....i use a wax/ cleaner what i can use with yust a liitle bit of cleans and i have to dry it with a towell and it start shining....just 30 minutes fot my 2400sc3.....yust once a year i give her a good cleaning that will do....(at least for me)

greatz, ed
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Default Magic Eraser

Don't use a magic eraser on the fiberglass. I had some stubborn black streaks and was told that magic eraser was safe and would take the streaks off easily. It did,but it also left the fiberglass looking"chalky". I suspect I will have to buff it to get the sheen back. "Live and learn"!
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