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Default Thur Hull Fittings Source

I recall someone posting, a while ago, a link to a source for thru hull fittings - a manufacturer who sold direct where you could select the dimensions and material (stainless, bronze, plastic). Can't find it anywhere, though. Google search is fruitless. Anyone got any ideas? I need one of the small thru hull fittings for where the rear fender locker/transom shower cavity drains out the port side ... looks to be maybe a 3/8" hose. It's small and I don't see anything similar at west marine or other well known retailers. Most of what turns up is 7/8" or larger.

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Have you tried Amazon? I just looked and they have most every type and size fitting made.

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Consider materials based on location:

Internal (shower pans, deck scuppers): Nylon

External (above waterline): Bronze, Marelon, Stainless

External (below waterline: Bronze, Marelon

Nylon is not UV resistant. Stainless CAN rust. Bronze is the best material for longevity but is very expensive.
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Thanks for the replies ... I see a lot of 3/4 and up at these sources and all materials, but nothing as small as I need. This particular one the hole in the hull is only 1/2" wide, and the hose feeding it looks about like a 3/8" fuel line inside dia (it's clear nylon tubing). I found this, which goes down to 1/2", but that measurement is the hose ID, definitely too big:

Here's Attwood's barbed fittings; the minimum install hole size is 1 1/8":
Stainless Steel Straight Thru-Hulls Barbed : Attwood Marine

They really cost saved on these things ... I count 17 plastic thru hull fittings on this boat ... can't tell if they are nylon or marelon I suppose, but I suspect they are nylon.

Going to get a picture of the one from the other side and I'll post that.
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