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Lt. JG
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Default Seawater Inlet Hose Replacement

I have a 1998 Maxum 2300SC with 7.4L Bravo 3 Gen VI. Recently blew a oil hose, so replacing all hoses (oil and water) on the engine since they are originals. The Seawater Inlet Hose from the transom to the raw water pump seems like it's going to be a challenge to get to (at the transom) to replace. Are there any "tips or tricks" to getting to that hose connection other than hiring a midget contortionist with long arms to get to this?

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Lt. JG
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Location: Warrenton, VA
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Nevermind, I figured it out! By removing the carpeted piece of framing that sits directly under the backseat and pulling that out (two screws on each side of it - btw, the transom shower hose tray is mounted to the back of this, so you'll need to keep that in mind or disconnect the shower water line to pull the water line through the tray in order to fully remove the panel and tray) and removing the plastic carburetor cover, flame arrestor, and the carb cover mounting stud from the carb, I was able to lay a couple towels over the carb along with a gardening knee pad (to keep from getting stabbed in the chest by other carb parts), that gave me enough room to slide in there on top of the carb/engine and get to the C-Clamp holding that hose in. It came right out. Glad I checked it and am replacing it, because the hose had been resting right up against the rear starboard engine mount bolt, and you could see where the bolt was rubbing on the hose, that eventually would have rubbed a hole into the hose! I'm guessing this might have happened when the engine was pulled and reinstalled several years ago and the hose was not installed in a manner that kept it away from other things. I may put a tennis ball over that rear mount bolt to ensure the hose can never rub against the bolt again.
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