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Default Outdrive barnacle buildup

Took the boat out of the water Sunday after being in the water for two months....and the barnacles have built up on the outdrive, spent like 3 hours power washing and scraping the barnacles off, I thought the outdrive was painted with bottom paint to prevent this in the future!!!! Do I use "Bottom" paint or ??? The rest of the boat wasn't too bad, a few here and there, kinda slimy but the power washer got all that.


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Outdrives get outdrive paint, not bottom paint. since you have it out, you may want to sand it a bit and apply some good outdrive paint. let dry at least 48 hours before going back in.

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Even once you use the outdrive paint, you will probably still get them. It helps, but doesn't completely prevent. The other thing I have learned is that you really need to run her regularly when she is in the water. When the barnacles first start growing on your prop, taking the boat out and running her will most likely knock them off, but if she has been sitting a while and the barnacles become larger they can be really tough to get off without scraping them off like you just did.
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Is the outdrive painted now or unpainted? You definitely DO NOT want to use most regular bottom paints. You will still get build up with an aluminum anti-fouling paint, but some diligence will significantly minimize it. I find I have to take a mask and snorkle and green scrubbie once a week and go over the trim tabs and outdrive. I run the boat every Saturday and Sunday. Even after a good run, if I dive on it, there is still some slime and growth. the anti-fouling paint takes care of most of it, regular running and weekly diving takes care of the rest. If not, it will slowly keep growing. I make sure to pay particularlly close attention to the pickups and make sure those are completely clear.

I split my 15 year old bravo three last year and found approx. 75-80% restriction due to barnacle buildup on the INSIDE of the channel where the raw water is drawn in. I'll be splitting my drive every year from now on as well.
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