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Default Need some help with bimini support measurement - 2200 SR3 folks please have a look!


I just purchased a 2004 2200 SR3. I've found that on the port side, the set screws in the bimini top support poles are missing and the poles have moved. On the starboard side, they were loose and the poles have moved. Unfortunately, this resulted in scratches on the poles, so I really have no way to tell what the original position may have been. The manual says to get these measurements from my dealer, but no one at the SeaRay or Bayliner dealers that I called had any idea.

Is there anyone out there with a 2200 SR3 with the factory three hoop bimini with the front window support poles that can take some measurements for me? I'm sure I can take a "guess" at what is correct by opening and adjusting, but I'm pretty anal and I want to know for sure on a known good top.


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I just made a new top for my 2400scr and you set the poles to where the top is tight .The sumbrella will sag over time so you can slide the frames to a tighter spot.Just adjust till it look good.I made my new top out of topgun less work .

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Anal retentiveness - I wish there was a cure. LOL

Pretty much what cunuck said. Regardless of what measurements the manual may provide boats generally aren't screwed together with the same precision as automobiles are so I would consider the measurements "ballpark".

I lost a couple of set screws from the frame on my 2004 2400 SC3. Bought some replacements, erected the bimini, and spent 30 or 45 minutes re-adjusting the frame. Works perfect.

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