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Default Jabsco macerator

Since recently purchasing a 1999 3000scr, I always check this site for any hints or tips prior to starting any work and many thanks go to all contributing - your assistance is invaluable

I've had problems with my Jabsco macerator but couldn''t find any solution here. As I've now sorted the problem, I thought i'd put it on here in case anyone else has a similar issue in the future and is searching threads

Pump motor worked but didn't discharge overboard (outside coastal waters before anyone comments)

Took the pump off and stripped it. There is a rubber impellor that on mine had completely gone with all the fins having detached from the main internal body. Not a bad job as if it doesn't work, that end of the pipe should be dry and not too gut wrenching

Purchased and fitted a service kit (£33 as opposed to nearly £200 for a new pump) and replaced the impellor, gaskets, the end plastic bit that the impellor sits in, the metal seating plate for the impellor and the long bolts. Refitted pump

Still no joy so assumed there could be a blockage at the bottom of the pipe where is joins the holding tank - not a job I was looking forward to as the tank was half full! Before taking pipe off and having a bilge filled with the unmentionable I tried taking the pipe off the pump, unclipping the pipe by snipping the cable ties, holding it out as flat as it would go and used domestic drain rods. Worked - after a couple of gentle prods, I loosened what was there and the end of the rod once removed indicated it has accessed the tank. Also (not nice but) there was now a smell coming from the pipe where there wasn't before indicating blockage gone. Pump refitted and tested

Still no joy. I assumed maybe an air leak on the pipe stopping it self priming or a blockage to the tank vent causing a partial vacuum. Investigated but didn't seem to be either

Pump off again and tested in a bucket of water. It was blowing instead of sucking!

All instructions say that black wire can be either +ve OR -ve

stripped pump again so that I could see the impellor turning and tested on a spare battery. It was turning the wrong way. Changed polarity (swapped the wires over) and it turned the correct way. Repeated wire swap and it definitely turns one way or the other dependent on which wire is +ve

Can't get hold of the Jabsco dealer's technical helpline on a Saturday so no idea why, how etc but at least the problem is solved

Hope this helps someone in future make a sh**ty job less sh**ty

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Another little tip - pump worked in a bucket but again, no joy when connected up and didn't seem to be able to self prime. Took inlet pipe of pump and filled pump with a cup of water. Problem sorted (wondering if the new impellor wasn't quite providing a water tight seal to pump out the air if it was dry out of the box)

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i had petrified toilet paper on mine inlet clogging the maccarator, but i had my tank pumped out, then the blue cleaner in and then filled it with fresh water.

I still had some spill in the bilge, but i had the billy bilge cleaner in there.

Not that i ever fill my poop tank, but i like everything working...
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It's a little hard to read and understand, but it's working now?
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This thread turned out to be not so crappy. Good info. Thanks.
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