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Default Interchangable fluids/lubes for outdrive,etc....

Hello, i have a '99 1800sr and am wondering if anyone knows what fluids/lubes can be used with my boat. I see Mercury recommends Quicksilver products but i would much rather buy locally if possible being i dont have a marine store within 75 miles. I have the Aplha 1 outdrive with a 3.0 Mercruiser engine. I would like to find comparable automotive lubricants,oils,etc...for the outdrive,trim fluid,etc..... Any recommendations would be very helpful- Thanks in advance.

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Walmart has a lot of Quicksilver products.

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I use nothing but Amsoil products.
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folks...I am a proponent of sythetic oils....they work in most cases better than fossile fuels..however..the thing to remember is if there is an oil related failure or damage to the engine for any reason...finding synthetic oil that doesn't meet the requirements that quicksilver has..will void any warranty claims from mercury marine...yeah..that sucks ..I don't agree with it...but if you have a new boat..then use what is recommended by mercury your warranty...if the warranty is passed...then by all means..use anything you want.....oil is relatively can use a good quality oil far cheaper than mercury marines oils.....just change it sooner than later....
please keep this in mind when recommending different oils...

ps...I had this pointed out to me once when I changed from mercury marine products to castrol syntech oil......since then I run quicksilver stuff..
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hai tim,

if you dont have any marine shop arround, then look foor a webshop who can send you the right oils and lubericants for the jobs you want to do.....

greatz, ed
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Default re

Thanks for all the info guys. I was primarily asking because my outdrive oil was at the add mark (still clean/ no water contamination present) and i just wanted to top it off, but didnt want to wait several days for 1 quart to be shipped in. The prior owner had the annual service performed earlier this year and i am guessing that the drive system may have had settled or something. Thanks again for the info.....

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