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Default hard starting

I am a new owner to a 1989 Maxum, great boat but a few problems. I am new to boating so i am not to sure what it might be but here we go. 1st off it starts and runs great initially but after we are on the lake and warmed up if i shut it off it is hard to start and we have to float for awhile and try it again. Once it starts again it runs fine up to 3/4 throttle but then acts like it is loading up and when you bring
down to an idle it will die. the motor is a mercruiser 3.0 with electric choke, i think it is a choke isssue but i'm not sure. The gas is fresh the fuel filter is new, could it be the advance in the distributor?
Thanks in advance.

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It does sound like perhaps the choke isn't opening, or staying open, once the engine is warmed up. Easy to verify though; with engine cold pull the flame arrestor off the top of the carb and check to see that the choke is closed. Start her up. Once started but still cold the choke should be only partially open. Get the engine up to operating temp and verify the choke is ALL the way open. Shut the engine down - choke should still be open. Wait a few minutes then turn the key to the "Run" position - choke should still be open. Turn key to Start and fire it up. Choke should still be open.

Let us know what you find out.


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Hey Phil,

My 1993 2300SCR w/ 350 ci merc. 260hp carbed motor used to do the same thing. Yes the previous post can be a possibility but I would suspect that the engine is showing signes of Vapor locking (Fuel boiling from heat riser in intake manifold.) from not cooling the engine down after a hard run. Try this, After you come down off plane and cruise speed, don't just shut her down, instead let the engine idle several minutes with the blower on too, to let the engine shed the accumulated heat then shut the engine off. It proved to be the problem with my last carbed boat engine.

Enjoy your new boat.

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might also be the fuel tank vent might be clogged....after it shuts the fuel cap and listen for air hissing into the tank....if that happens..get the vent to the fuel tank inspected and either replaced or serviced....

welcome to the zoo.....

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Lots of "could be's", like it could be the ignition module in the distributor is getting heat soaked. Not an uncommon problem at all and the darn things exhibit all kinds of funky symptoms when it happens.

Fortunately, Phil, all the suggestions above are easy to verify in a single outing (except for the ig module), and none will be terribly expensive to rectify. Check the choke before leaving the dock, run the boat at planning speeds for 30 minutes then slow to idle speed for 5 or so minutes to let it cool then shut it down. Wait another 5 or so minutes and go for re-start. If difficult, unscrew the fuel fill cap a little and listen for vacume release.

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