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Default Gelcoat Rejuvenator???

Hello all,
Question: came accross a gelcoat restoration product and I would like to know if anyine has usd it. It is the Presto Gelcoat rejuvenator. It is a wipe on, no buff product and all I can find is good reviews etc. It looks great, except for the price.

Any thoughts?

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Like the ad says.........Oxidation should be taken care before using, meaning using a rubbing compound before you use this product to get best results. You would normally do this anyway and a good wax/rubbing compound wax like 3M's product is going to clean and wax your gelcoat anyway, when applied what is the point?

If you really want to make an extra step out of this apply a polish wax to seal the wax and you have your own gelcoat rejuvenator :-) Much cheaper........


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Roger, Roger.

That makes sense to me. If ijm going to put the time/elbow grease into the job I may as well do it for less money!
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Les money than what? I think Rogers point (at the risk of speaking for him) is that if the product indicates that the oxidation must be removed before this $89/4oz bottle is applied, then what are you really gaining? After all, once the oxidation is properly removed you've already essentially restored the gelcoat. If rubbing compound does a majortiy, then this brings it back to a 'showroom' shine, then maybe I could see it. I don't know enough about the product to speak to it one way or the other. I'm not sure this is a short cut to removing oxidation. I think the only shortcut to restoring gelcoat is to hire someone.
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OK, SO I found a bottle of the gelcoat rejuventaor for pretty cheap and decided due to the condition of the gel coat I had nothing to loose. I spent a lot of time putting this stuff on both carefully and to the letter of the directions. I was concerned after the first coat as it still looked flat and splotchy in a few places. I decided to put on a second coat and be a bit more liberal with the quantity applied but still not allowing excess build up. I will say I am overall impressed. In no way am I seeing 'showroom' results but being able to see a reflection at all is a major improvement. I do believe the set up/cure time is longer than advertized, it was more like 2-3 days of full sun before it was not still just a bit sticky. Overall, I am seeing a result similar or better than rubbing compound/buff/wax repeat. It works really well on the dask and other faded plastics too!
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No product will beat a good cutting compound and wax, better still is to wetsand which is what i did to achieve a better than showroom finish. You can laquer over anything and make it shine, but the finish below will always be crap, not only that but its sealed in too. There are a lot of similar products on the market and i personally would not use any of them.

Gelcoat on a 1997 1750 XR, that 15 years old

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Warpa1 So give us a run down on your better than showroom finish.

List the products and procedures for application.

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