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Default Fuel Tank Replacement

2000 Maxum 3000 SCR

- Getting crud/water caught in fuel/water separator on starboard engine. Flushed starboard engine with clean gas 3 times and replaced fuel/water separator multiple times during flushing. Cleaned injectors.

- Motor ran fine for awhile but crud is back in fuel/water separator

- Theory - starboard fuel tank is rusted and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

- Can anyone recommend the best approach to address a fowled fuel tank?

Thanks, Bill

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Hire a company that specializes in fuel tank cleaning. Tanks typically rust from the outside in so unless you have fuel in the bilge it's probably just old gummy buildup.

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Tanks are aluminum, so if there is rust it must be from another source.
You can continue with 'flushing' the way you are if it's minimal, just buy the filters in bulk.

When I found contamination in my tanks, I hired a local firm who was able to pump out the tanks of the bad fuel for around $100 ea.
That didn't include any cleaning, as I just had bad fuel/water.

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You may have two different problems both being caused by ethanol in the gas.

1) water in the fuel tank.

2) ethanol can breakdown the inner lining of older fuel lines.

Ethanol is listed as being hygroscopic, which can attract moisture. (though like many things, there is debate on this subject) Water can also work its way in if fuel is stored for long periods of time with a partially empty fuel tank. (Again there is some debate about this subject as well).

The water should settle at the bottom of the tank. You can have someone come out and scrub the tanks to remove the water. I've heard of guys simply doing frequent filter changes. I've also heard of guys to snake a hose to the bottom of the tank and attempt to siphon/pump the water out. When water turns to gas, then theoretically the water has been removed. (You'd need to ensure your hose is at the lowest point of the tank.

Your 2000 model year probably has a 19 yr old fuel line. Newer fuel lines have been designed to prevent breakdown from ethanol. This issue can occur with older fuel lines.

I would consider getting the tanks scrubbed, and replace the fuel line(s).

Just my .02
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fuel tank

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