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Default Freshwater pump issue

So, my new to me 2001 Maxum 3000 SCR's water pump died right before I took delivery. The seller replaced it and everything was good. It's been a month and yesterday I lost pressure, the pump runs continuously but water isn't flowing.

Is there some filter I need to clean or something user serviceable that I can check? I don't see anything in the manual or online.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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I have the same boat so we should have the same set-up.....

Usually when the pump starts to run continuously you are low on water in your tank. Don't want to fill your tank back up at the moment turn the pump off. The switch, if your facing the cabin sink is on the left side of the port window.

Ok the pump itself if you open your engine compartment lid is on the driver side up against the foil lined wall. There you will see (if your facing the foiled lined wall left side) A clear plastic and inside it looks like a screen in it. That screen should be clear and clean. If it isn't, the clear plastic will screw off (make sure your pump is turned off or you will have water flying all over the place and you clean the metal filter.

This is the pump that if yours is bad needs to be replaced. You will find these are your marine store at home or online. The water lines are for the most part hand tight and should be able to loosen by hand or just by using a small wrench.

If you have filled your tank full and nothing is working just check to see if....first check the switch to see if it is ok..... Check the Circuit breaker if it has not popped and or if the pump is bad order. If you hear your pump run for a couple minutes every 30 minutes or so you might have a leak.

All if this is easy to do so good luck and let us know how you come out.......


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Hi Roger,

I turned the pump off when I heard it running continuously. Once I got back to the slip, I filled the tank up, hoping that was all it was. There appears to be water in both lines, in and out. I'll remove both sides and see if there's an obstruction. Wasn't sure if it was safe to remove them without causing damage. I hope the pump isn't bad...again.

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