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Default docking on a bulkhead with the ocean tides

my buldhead has the 12" piers on the water side, so the boat would rub agasint them if i let it.

what kind of post bumpers are you using?

some suggested the the huge balls that are 24" round to bumber the boat.

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I assume that you can only tie the boat on one side? Are there pilings on the outside of the bulkhead, or do they expect you to bounce off the bulkhead all day? How much does the tide swing on average? I've tied up to bulkheads temporarily (tidal) and hate it. It is very difficult to keep fenders in place properly. your best bet is to make a 'Fender Board'.

Just bring up google and do a search on "Fender Boards". Keep the fenders on the boat side and the board on the dock/piling side. I would make sure it's long enough to span two pilings. afix teh fender board to the boat and it will rise/fall with the boat. the fenders protect the boat and the board does teh banging against the piling.

If there are other boats also on the bulkhead take a look at what they're doing. It's a great way to meet your neighbors.
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