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Default Bravo 2 bellows

Hi all its been a wile since I last posted. I am in the proses of changing out the bellows on my Bravo 2 out drives
Doing the job isnít a problem itís just getting the parts (it seems that every one here in Australia wants to bend you over and rape you with the price) I have a couple of places in the USA who are reasonable on there price.
My question is does any one have a good source were I can get the bits from and what are you boaties paying for the kits. What are your thoughts on the after market types, should I stay away from them.
Thanks Tony (Perth Western Australia)

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HEY TONY!!..glad you came back ........

geez...we have so many places that can ship directly too you.....but is the shipping cost effective enough to compensate the prices there??..if so..try fisheries supply in seattle.....some of the local guys here are pretty good..I can get you thier numbers if you want....great lakes skipper is another place here that usually has about everything...
now for aftermarket compared to the manufacturers parts..I'd stick with the manufacturer's parts if you can....they tend to hold up better.....

just my two cents....


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Tony ...........good day mate.................Had this done to my 2001 3000SCR about 4 years ago............$189.00 US per kit I think is about the average. Have you tried E-bay? They usually have the best deals for about anything with the bravo name.

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Thanks Seapuppy for your input, I feel the same way, best to go with originals. Shipping isnít a big deal these days. How has your summer and boating going?

I finally put mine in the water for the first time since I purchased it from USA about 2 years ago, the only thing I didnít do/check was the Bellow and the power steering. Guess what I have a bellow leak (like poring a slow cup of coffee) it wasnít too bad and the bilge pump took care of that. So off we go for its first test run **** on power steering. So the stering was done through manipulating both engine throttles. I am so happy with the rest. The Maxum is now at home we removed one leg and found that the gear bellow has a large split in it. We also removed the power stering pump pulled it apart clean it out etc and flushed out the lines. I just need to start the engine up and see if the problem is fixed.
How are you Roger Mate I recon about $200 here or there is about the right price? Here in OZ Land for the real thing there are talking $550.00 per kit. I have looked at E bay and have purchased bits from (mercury genuine parts) the thing is there are about 50+ bravo serial numbers. My 3000scr is a 1998 and I donít know were the serial number is on the out drives. Help
Are all the bravo bellow kits the same? Or do I need the serial # before I order the kits

Any info or suggestion is greatly welcome
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