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Default 2001 2700 SCR ALARM Sounding

Just put our boat in Long Island Sound and when turning on ignition ALARM sounds. Had this happen once before when a bilge pump broke. Checked oil levels, and bilge pumps. No ideaa why the ALARM is sounding. Anyone have a list of what sets this off? Thanks

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My alarm always goes off when you first turn the ignition on, but then goes off.

I think the alarm goes off with; lower unit grease level, engine oil, and engine temperature, but there could be other items??

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as stated ...only 3 things will set the alarm off...but if it's coming on at startup...then that's should go right off...but if it's coming on and staying on...the 3 items mentioned will set it off...check the oil in drive reservoir...the sensor maybe malfunctioning....if the temp is normal...oil pressure normal....then the only thing you can do is change out the sensor on the drive bottle....also check the connections to the drive bottles connection...

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I have a 1998 3000SCR with twin 5.0L engines and since I bought it 6 years ago, the alarm has been going off sporadically. I checked the three sensors on both engines and everything appears fine. To this day, I haven't resolved the problem. Talking to a Merc technician, he said that a wire could be shorting somewhere. So for now, I just disconnected the buzzers!! I KNOW, I KNOW...I shouldn't do that but I never found the problem, the gauges don't indicate a problem (water temp and oil pressure are OK) and I keep my lube reservoir filled. So, after a while, the alarm really gets on your nerves.

When I have more time, I'll get back into searching for the problem. Afterall, the alarms are nice to have if they work!

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When you turn the key on, Alarm will came on, start your engine, watch your oil pressure gauge when it stops at the pressure your engine has turn you key off to the no position, watch you oil pressure gauge it will fall back to 0 pressure your Alarm then will come back on.
On a boat with no problems the Alarm will sound off when you turn the key to no. the Alarm indicates that there is no oil pressure (and there shouldn’t be your engine hasn’t started up to build the pressure) Tony
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