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Default Water in cylinders

Iíve tried to post this 5 times. Here goes again. I have a 1996 sr2300. I just had to replace the engine. It was to three shops and nobody knew what was going on. Short story if rainwater drips on the plastic cover over the spark arrestor it can run down the carb stud into the carb and then the intake which leads it to whatever cylinders had intake valves open when it was shut off. If the cover is cracked or depressed at the stud even more so. I know this now after thinking about it. Engine turned up full of water after sitting outside under a not so waterproof cover. Was pumped out started again ran fine. Was store outside again same cover. Water in engine, changed intake and head gaskets had heads milled it started and ran fine. Was towed home open 3 hrs in the rain next time it was started unknown to me water in engine doesnít compress and when fired and tried to turn over, a connecting rod was blown through the skirt of the cylinder and out old pan. If you cover is cracked or depressed or not sealed at stud, fix it replace it do not risk it. I poked a hole in a gallon jug of water you would be surprised how fas it can leak out one drip at a time.

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Well you were finally successful at posting, sorry to hear about your troubles and thanks for sharing. Not being familiar with you boat model how is rain water finding its way land onto of the engine cowl? When you replaced the engine did you also replace the exhaust as this is another source of water intrusion?

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It would seem unlikely that that much water could work its way in after a 3-hour tow in the rain. Are you sure this wasn't coming in through the exhaust manifolds? It would seem the common denominator was starting the engine. Since you more than likely ruled out a cracked head or compromised head gasket, my next thought would be towards the manifolds and risers.
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Default See exp says something else

So for laughs I poked a hole in a gallon jug of water about the size of a pencil point youíd be surprised how quick drip by drip it emptied. The water is running down behind the back cushions. Then traveling along the edge of the board theyíre connected to which slants to the center of the engine drip drip drip and thatís it. The clue here water in both sides of engine. So both exhaust risers would have to be bad I think right? Also replaced the motor got a new cover put rubber washers on either side Iím good
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water in cylinders

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