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Default Water entering boat through transom plate

Our boat is a 2001 Maxum 2900SCR with a 7.4 l engine and Bravo III.

We bought the boat in 2006, and ever since we bought it, water has been dripping in through the inner
transom plate. The water is entering through the upper hole in the inner transom plate that is visible
above the engine.

The lowest part of this hole is a horisontal plate, and it is soaking up water if we place a piece of
toilet paper at it. It was not that bad the earlier years, but the amount of water was increasing last
year, so now we have to do something about it!

I don't exactly know what the problem is, but I'm told from a mechanics, that it is a known problem;
earlier models had to be greased at service intervals, but the newer models have a "service free" fiber
washer, which unfortunately is not stabile.

The mechanical guy told me that the engine had to be removed for this repair, and when the engine is out,
you replace everything with new parts.

Is it really necessary to remove the engine to repair this (if you know what the problem is off course)?

It makes sense to replace parts if you have to take out the engine, but does anybody
have any experince with what to replace?

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actually..from what your telling us sounds like the water is coming from the bellows or transom mounting don't pull the engine for this....what you need to pull is the drive and then the bellows and gimble bearing....this is a good time to replace those...the b3 drive bellows should not have to be replaced if you store it in the down position ...if it's left up..the strains the bellows and causes them to fail prematurely.....
I think I'd be getting some other opinions from a mechanic you trust......but I'm only guessing here since your not telling much information...

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