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Default Twin 4.3 vs single 7.4 1999 2800 scr

Hi every one, i'm getting a 99' 2800 twin 4.3 and is my first big boat, does any one know what's the differences in performance besides the extra hp, is this a good option, i really like it, i will appreciate any comment.

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I have a 2900(similar model to yours) with twin 4.3's. I like having two engines, more power and you have options if one engine stalls out. The other side is that you now have to maintain two engines and two drives. More work and cost but I still prefer twins. Go stainless steel with your props for additional power...

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When I bought my single (6.2L) 2900 in November of 2006 I had a chance to get a twin for about $5K less... but it was clear the heck in Florida (I live in WA State). The broker from whom I bought mine (in Lake of the Ozarks, MO) convinced me that the the saltwater and Florida sun had done more damage on the twin-version than the one I eventually bought in Missouri. Mine spent most of it's time on a large boatlift in it's slip and when it hit water it was FRESH water. She had 57 hours in five years---I put 57 hours on it in the first four MONTHS!

Advantages to the single engine are more room in the engine compartment to do things, store stuff... less maintenance obviously and typically less expensive overall. But it's way less manueverable---although I remember the yacht broker telling me the space between the two V-6 outdrives on the twin 2900 weren't far enough apart to TRULY take advantage of a twin engine's characteristics (turning in it's own space, walking it sideways to a dock, etc...) Probably just a sales pitch, but as far as performance goes... I can do 40MPH and get on plane in a decent time. Although if there's more than six adults in the rear salon I can't get on plane unless two or more of them step down into the cabin... especially if I'm pulling my JetSki and want to get on plane! I added one of those StingRay wings on the outdrive which I think made a difference, too. Getting on plane will probably be a rare thing though, when gas is $5/gallon on the water!

I tease my boating friends with their twin engines that they're big pussies and aren't as good as a driver as me doing what I do with a single engine. Bottom line is if you can drive a boat as big as a 2900 SCR with a single engine I think you're doing a pretty decent job!
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My 2800 came with a 7.4, I repowered with an 8.1. You could by 2 new 4.3's for the cost of the 8.1. The 4.3 are not Bravo III's which again, would cost you as much to replace both drives as it would to repplace a BIII. The oil changes for an 8.1 is 9 quarts. Not much less than the oil change for 2 4.3's. 4 more plugs in a tune up.

On the other hand, there is increased reliability in having a 2nd engine. Increased handling. I would bet you even get better gas mileage with twin 4.3's. I went with a single because I assumed 2 engines means twice the cost. I was very wrong.
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I have a 2001 2900 with a 7.4 and while I do love the size, if I had it to do over it would have had twins. If there are three or four people, it’s no problem. A couple more and it drags. Last time I had 8 people on the boat (a couple big ones mind you), it took FOREVER to get up. I'm passively looking at the moment to trade up to twins. whatever you choose, I think you'll really enjoy. Good luck.
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Thanks to all, your experience is very helpful and right on the money... i got my boat delivered last Saturday the sales man told me that both engines got rebuilt and i assume it was just another sales trick but it seams that is true since this boat works great, with 8 in it got on the plane in about 10 sec, i don't know how fast i was going because the speed meeter is not working but i assume it got to 40 mph at 4100 rpm. By the way it has an oil leak from one of the engines, it's only when is running and i can't figure where that come from.

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