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Lt. JG
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Default Throttle Only Function

Hi All,

I have a very basic question about the "throttle only" functionality on a 1997 Maxum 3000. I purchased the boat recently but have not yet started the engine myself (I wasn't able to attend the mechanical inspection in person when I bought it), so I'm just now figuring out some of the functionality.

The boat is a single engine model with a console mounted throttle. It looks almost identical to console version in a manual I downloaded (photo attached), however unlike the version shown it doesn't have a "Throttle Only" button on the front (item "g" in the photo). There is, however, a button under the throttle grip that isn't labelled.

Does anyone else have this same setup and know whether the grip button is the "Throttle Only" button? Does the button engage the throttle only feature or disengage it (i.e. is the boat in throttle only mode when first started?). Apologies for the basic questions - I just don't want the boat going into gear when I only intend to rev the engine to get it up to temperature.....

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Not familiar with that particular throttle but my guess is throttle only means sterndrive is not engaged, this is useful when starting as you can advance throttle without the sterndrive being in gear. (Not in fwd or rev.)

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Thanks very much. I'm hoping the button on the grip is in fact the "throttle only" button, I'm just not certain and was checking to see if any member has the same throttle. I guess I'll know when I start it up!

Thanks again.
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