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Default Skeg Protector / Cover

Does anyone have any experience with any of the bolt on skeg covers that are on the market? How do they hold up? I am considering installing a Skeg Shield or similiar to cover the broken tip of the skeg.

Debating to do the cover or have the mechanic remove the lower unit, pull the guts, and have a replacement skeg welded on. Or just leave it as it is.


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those bolt on skeg protectors are made of steel and will cause corrosion of the al. out drive...they don't need to pull all the guts out of the lower unit....just take it off..the shop will saw off the old one while protecting the unit with a wet rag.......tig weld a new skeg on...and prime and paint it to look like'll never know it was replaced...

cost is pretty nominal and you get a new skeg.....

let us know how it works out....

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Maybe having a new skeg welded on won't be as expensive as I think. I see the skeg blanks are only about $25. I am guessing a couple hours labor.

I was under the impression the guts had to be pulled out of the lower end so the seals wouldn't be heat damaged. But if they can get by with wet rags to absorb the heat, that would save on labor costs.

I will look into it and see what the mechanic wants to charge to handle the job. I would rather go that way than use a bolt on skeg cover. But the boat runs fine as it is so it will be hard to justify too much cost.
- 2009 Bayliner 340

- 2004 Maxum 2400 SD (traded in August '09)
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