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Default How to tell if Ignition module or ignition sensor is bad

How do you tell If its the ignition module or the ignition sesnor? Having hesitating issues still and backfireing when accelerating loss of power. It seems as if the boat is going nuts on the timing like its sending spark at all kinds of effed up times. Boat has new dist cap new rotor new plugs new wires new coil new ignition sesnor in dist, rebuilt carb and verified getting fuel. I know its electronic issue within the ignition system just not sure if its ignition module or ignition sesnor oohhh one more thing it only does it after the boat is fully warmed up runs fine for about 20 mins then when everything is warmed up (right down to the heat transfer through the dist from the block) it starts its crazyness sooo tired of dumping money into the boat

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Cool ignition mode

Just a thought the ignition module controls the timing so I would think that is the problem .The ignition sensor is a lot less $$$$.I have read the ignition sensor can be check with a ohms meter ???? good luck
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