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Default High 5 Prop for 1800 SRS3 ?

(originally posted in 'general' forum - told I'd be better to post here - apologies if you read it twice)

Just bought a 4.3L (carb) SR3.
It's going to be a big step down in performance to what I'm used to ... previous o/b eighteen footer weighed in at 408Kg (918Lb) less and had a 200Hp o/b.

But all out top end speed is not what I am after, it will be used in the main for recreational water-skiing, knee-boarding, wake-boarding & general fun runabout.

Been told that to get good 'low down pull' ... I should put a High 5 prop on this Maxum.
What is the recommended pitch to go with ?

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any news about this topic ?
I'm in the same case and would like to change from the standard prop (23'), to make the boat more nervous on take off.
Thanks anyway

David - Maxum 1800 sr 3
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I'd try a 21" pitch.....that will get you a better hole shot..reduce your top speed but will increase your wot......

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I spoke extensively to those in the know at Maxum, my local dealer and those with experience in US. .... the prop to get is the 21" pitch High Five.

So that is what I went I bought ... ended up with 2 for a really good price off eBAY ... and sold one one, seems they are easy enough to get on eBAY
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Just put a 21" 3 blade turning point express ss on my 1900sr2 5.0mpi, previously was running 23" ali. Significant improvement in hole shot and similar top end also smoother, little change in WOT rpms presumably due to much more cupping on the ss prop.
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Default High Five Props

Hi all. Great site. Old hat a boating in general but this is my first Maxum I/O. I was thinking of exactly the same thing. Switch to a High Five SS prop. Everyone else told me it was a great idea but it takes A LOT more power to turn that prop. Sooo, if it takes more power are you going to gain anything in performance ie: hole shot and general towing?
If anyone has some real life expreience with making the switch, could we get some honest feedback? They don't like to give those props away so it's an expensive experiment if it doesn't work.
Thanks to all. :?
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The prop is 5 blades which give much better 'bite' on the water, so much improved hole shot.
So acceleration is up ... you drop the pitch, from standard 23" which also improves acceleration, this would normally reduce top end, but the increase in blade count, and cupping on blades counters this .. so top end is hardly affected.

The result is much better pop from stationary, great for skiing.

You can also tune the prop to achieve maximum 'hole shot' by removing or changing the size on the tuning plugs.

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