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Default gear lube monitor level

Hi I have a 2002 2400scr with bravo 3 with 110 hours I need to add 1/2to 1 oz of gear lube to the monitor now and then is this normal.No sign of any leak in the water or with the leg up ????? .The oil in the monitor look normal(no water) What amount of lube is the normal for a bravo 3 to use .thanks( newbee)

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if it's something like every time you use might have a main seal on the shaft leaking a bit...but if it's something like 1 oz every 50 hrs...then's probably using the engine will use oil every 10-15 works hard to do the job and subsequently uses oil...doesn't show up on plugs..or out the exhaust...just every now and then I have to replace a qt of oil...


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Default bravo 3 lube oil

I would say at about 10 hours or so I add a little but I see no oil in the water or around the boat and it is in the water for the summer ????I have lift the leg in trailer position and see no oil ???? would I see signs of oil if it was a seal
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I had a similar situation a cuple of years ago. Couldn't find the leak for a long time. Finally discovered it only started leaking after the boat had been run for a while and the drive oil had gone up to operating temperature. Could be similar for yours.
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As far I know, drive lube does not diminish with use, it's merely a lubricant.

If you're topping it up you have a small leak... and if lubes going out, then water can get in - not good for your gears.

Drain the drive lube (there's a how to on here somewhere, if not there's stack online or in your Mercruiser manual) - check for any signs of milkyness or discolouration.

You'll likely find some, if not you may as well fill her back up again, use the boat for the remainder of the season and have it overhauled in the winter when you don't need the boat. if you don't find anything then assume a very small leak and not much to worry about... worth sorting at some point but not in any immediate rush.
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Default lube monitor

Aquia cruiser where did you find the leak after it warmed up .????

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