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Default fuel pump not getting any juice

so, boat ran fine 2 weeks ago but after changing my volt gage i noticed that my trim up button doesn't work and the boat will start and run for about 45 sec. and then die. (not getting any fuel) i noticed that when i turn the ign key i don't hear the fuel pump prime. i checked the fuses behind the curtain they all light up with my test lamp, after that i went to the starter and found that i don't have power to the fuel pump wire. from that point i jumped it over to the hot wire on the starter and the pump came on. sooo the pump is good. i know that the wire also goes to the oil pressure switch. how do i know if that switch is bad or not? is there any other fuse or breaker that im missing? going crazzy here. any help will help thanks


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nope ....the pressure switch is either good or bad...replace the switch...also check the fusable link at the starter...
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Hi Chrispen correct me if I am wrong the axillary terminal at the starter motor will only power up (close circuit) when you engage the starter motor after the engine has started and the key is in the run position this terminal open circuits and the supply for the fuel pump come from the oil pressure gauge and in some cases through other protective components (no oil pressure or faulty gauge /wiring No fuel pump)
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ooops I ment to say faulty sender unit not gauge
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Thumbs up Sounds familar.....

This same thing happend to me on Bella with one of her twins last season, the problem was the lanyard dead man kill switch on the dash being a open circuit. To test it remove the two leads on the back of the switch, they will normally be push on connections (which are prone to failure because they are not soldered or held with a screw teminal / bad design). Anyway, short the two wires together as the switch will provide when the kill switch key is installed. Then you should hear the fuel pump prime up wilth a zing. Then start the engine. If it fixes the problem clean the switch and wire terminals and test again or replace the switch too.

Regarding the trim not working in the up position, again this happened just last week to me on my port mill. the Problem was simply the plug connection on the trim pump the plug will usually have spiral hose clamp on it. loosen the remove the plug spray both with wd-40 (wipe off excess) then shove the plug in tight and tighten the clamp. othewise the trim switch could be on the fritz.

Hope this works for you. Good Luck.

Bella Sera
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