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Default Foreign Object in fuel tank

I have a 1998 2300 SC, have ruled out everything else, has to be something in tank. Boat boggs down periodically. I hooked up an external tank and it ran fine. Question is: How do I go about getting it out. The tank is fiberglassed in and cannot be accessed, just the inlets in engine compartment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Default first question is when it starts to die..did you pull the gas cap to see if you have developed a vacuum in the tank??...

but if you believe it's fod...then in the engine can pull the sender unit out and that will gain you access to the inside of the tank....with that need to ensure there are nothing electrical at all turned ..shut the batt's off at the AC pwr...etc......

the only thing that can be clogged in the tank is the pickup tube....that's going to have a screen on it...


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it's a matter of vacuum as SP says, be sure that the inlet for the air is wide open.......spiderman could have made his web into the inlet (it's the chrome nipple were the gas comes out when you filled it up to much) the second thing can be that there is water in your gas filter (looks almost the same as the oil filter) take the gas filter out....turn it upside down in a glass can...and look how much water comes out of the filter....water is at he bottom of the can and the gas is at the top.....when there is much water in the glass can, there's also a lot of water in your tank.......your motor sucks water sometimes, and gas sometimes.....result........hakka takkkaa put put.....runs very bad....if this is the problem........clean your tank, install a water separator between the tank and the fuel inlet of the motor......and than....happy boating.......if these things are not the problem, check carborator (but as you already said with an outlet tank it runs fine, so one of the two storys is your problem) no.......... there can be one more problem with your tank.............perhaps almost empty...............(sorry fun fun.....)

greatz and good luck with finding the problem, ed
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Thanks for the thoughts,

Just talked to my mechanic...said there is resin in fuel tank that is slowly breaking up and causing periodic clogs(he said it had to have been a manufacturer accident, but just now causing problem with age). Says only fix is a new fuel tank( a lot of money). Will anything break down resin in fuel tank? Found a product called Soltron? Any advice?
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Hi trc41: one of my frends had the glass tanks cut out of his boat and had ally ones made and fitted, dont know how much it cost, but that was the end of all his problems with the glass tanks.

one more thing to look at is if you have a non return valve sticking ( my 3000csr has them fitted, it is part of the fuel line barb fitted to the tank. you dont relise thay are there outill you look inside the barb and see the spring loaded ball.
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