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Default Engine Hot Issue and Drive Oil Alarm Sounding

Ok thought I'd post a couple solutions instead of problems for a change.

I've had two issues that we've been working on for quite a few weeks.

1. The port engine was overheating immediately. Impellers had been changed, drives had been cleaned, things been checked and rechecked.

A. Prior to our purchase and service the impellers were changed and one had broken pieces that were not removed when the new one was put in. After flushing all the pieces out the engine runs great.

2. After getting the port engine to run good we were finally able to get on plane and run well. About 3-4 minutes after running over 3500 RPM an alarm would sound we believed from the starboard engine. When we opened the hatch we found drive oil all over the place. The drive oil had shot out of the vent cap on the drive oil reserve bottle. We tried everything yet the bottle just kept over flowing and it would eventually drain enough of the oil that the sensor would go off.

A. After checking boards, reading reports, consulting techs I went down the path of an idiot and switched caps with the port engine. As soon as we were on plane I watched the port engine overflow and the starboard worked great. Apparently those little caps create pressure in the bottle that keeps the oil circulating downward and only open to allow excess air pressure to escape. The cap was leaking which allowed air in and out and caused the problem. A whopping $8.25 and I'm hopping that fixes it all.
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