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Default Cable luber?

Hey everyone got a bit of an issue with my boat have a stiff outdrive shift cable was causing problems shifting gears stalling the motor out and super stuff.. did some investigating at the end of last season and it looks like it's the upper half of the shift cable where it bolts to the motor were it's binding whether it be a little bit of rust or just dry or a combination of both.. lubed the upper half Last season by hand man was that a pain and took forever.. after working the cable for a bit there was a noticeable difference in the feel and action of the shifter it also did not trip the interrupt switch to stall the motor anymore..
So my question is before I go and rip everything apart to replace the cable aand sheeth I plan on trying the cable Luber it's 8.99 from the research I've done it seems people have had great success with it any opinions...? the shift cable Bellow on my boat is like brand new which leads me to believe the cable and the Bellow was "probably" changed before I bought the boat.. kind of a pain though they didn't change any of the other Bellows well they were down there..
Boat is a 1992 maxum sr1900 with the 3.0 alpha one (gen 2) pretty sure but not 100% positive)
In beautiful shape for its age

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I have heard of folks using a bag with oil in it mounted high and the cable piercing the bottom so that gravity allows the oil to seep into the cable. These folks get a few years more out of the cable but typically need to replace it eventually. The cables core wire wears and it also cuts into the guide over time. IMO they last 10 plus years so I just change it and forget about it instead of fussing with lube every year or two. Note the guides are to be lubed with grease every year, this includes the steering guide tube.

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Replace the cable, it cant be the money! If you aforde the gas you aforde the cable. New cable, no problem when you go out fore a hollyday. Thats whats it all aboute, is't it?
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I doubt any amount of lube will fully and properly repair a 25 year old cable. This is somewhat durable, yet replaceable maintenance item. In other words, they do last decades, but are expected to need to be replaced periodically.
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