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Default Auxiliary engine options

I have a 2700SE with a single Mercruiser petrol engine and I have been thinking about what contingency options to consider should there be a problem when away from port.
Is anybody out there carrying a small outboard in case of issues and if so, what recommendations are there for storage and size?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice.

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If your area is in a Seatow or Towboat service area, that’s your best bet.
Every boater should have a membership to one or the other (or both).
It’s too cheap not to.

That, a functional VHF and good ground tackle will be your safest fallback.
If something does happen, you’ve got the bases covered. Drop anchor, hail CG on the radio and be safe until help arrives.

Personally, I feel a kicker of suitable size for a 27’ doesn’t seem practical. I’ve tried to maneuver my 3000 using the dingy w/9.9 as a power source and it would barely make headway and all bets were off if there was any current or wind.

WRT storage, there aren’t many convenient places to store an outboard. ER isn’t an option on a gas fueled boat/motor, same with the cabin, which leaves a bracket somewhere external which would probably be in the way no matter where it’s mounted.

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Get towing insurance or buy a boat with twins if this is what concerns you.

I would be asking myself.....Do you I carry a spare car with me when I drive my car? However a spare engine when I drive my car?

You are not going so far from civilization in a 27 foot express that you can't be towed.
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A good question Andy. I intend to mount my 15 hp Honda on my 2800 scr swim platform. I'm hoping for about 4 mph, I'll report back in a couple of months, when I get to that point in the restoration of my boat.

I'm a Towboat US member but I'm on the Tennessee river so coverage is not good.
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