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Default 98 2300 SC, can I convert a Merc. 350 Alpha to a 454 Bravo setup?

I have a 454 Bravo 1 and am thinking of buying a 98 2300 SC Cuddy cabin with a seized motor. Are the stringers and engine compartment size workable to put a big block motor in? I would think as the 2300 bowrider comes with a 454 Bravo. What other issues are involved in the conversion (wiring harness, shifting, steering, etc?). thanks

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first off ...welcome to the zoo..
well...the weight difference is pretty significan....I think you might be pushing the envelope by a factor of 20!!!....the stringers are designed to handle the 5.0 sbc it fit???..just barely..would the stringers work??..maybe not...I also believe that the distance between the stringers might not be wide enough for the engine mounts....of course the transome will need some changing due to the a-1 drive being a lot smaller....

man...I don't know...that sounds like a huge mod job plus the weight factor will make the boat sit lower in the water....


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i know this is an old post, but someone might still want to read it..
the motor should fit fine. you will have to open the rear opening up for a bigger transom/drive.. the big block will actually bolt rite in place of the smallblock(same mounts and bellhousing)with the alpha one setup, but the smaller drive cant handle the extra HP if you get on it.
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you sound pretty mechinical inclined to even pose such a project.... and we both know if would be cheaper junk them boat and buy one for 1/2 the cost.... but, what fun would that be... bloody knucks and all...
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