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Default 95 maxum w/4.3 190hp carbed not starting

Sorry I'm new lol.just got a 95 maxum.4.3 mercrusier I/O.Ok it has gas battary sounds like it wants to star.I prime it and i smell the gas so i think its getting to cab.not everytime I turn key on the fuel pump goes on.Ive took linkage off so I can pump throttle to see if gas comes out of jets but it dont.My guess is Relay but I cant find relays.and fuses are good to.

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welcome to the answer your question...if your getting gas to the carb....and there is no gas coming out of the carb...chances are the carb needs a floats/gaskets etc...the problem may also be the chock isn't set.....
first thing to try is before you turn the the neutral button and push the throttle fwd 3 full strokes...the first stroke sets the choke...and pumps a little gas in..the 2nd and 3rd just pumps fuel into the throat of the carb....then turn the key should hear the fuel pump charge....then turn the key all the way over to start....see if it fires up then.....


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You might also want to check / clean / replace the fuel filter.
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You may have flooded it and your plugs are fouled up. You may have water in you tank, fuel filter/water separator and now into your carbie. one quick thing to try is to pore a little fuel down the carbie (about 4 tea spoons) then see if it fires up for that short burst, if so then you may have a blockage some were (water, blocked filter)
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