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Default 95 115 elpto mods

Is there any mods that you can do to get the most out of this engine? It seems to be great on fuel and I am happy with the performance. It is cold blooded and would like to find out if there are some things I can try. I have found a new 4 stroke efi 115 for $6995 which would be ideal but without dumping the money could a carb kit fix this? I have a friend that has a 1990 115 that runs amazing and also doesn't smoke as much I was hoping I could at least beat him in a race.

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Default Re: 95 115 elpto mods

I'm not a real knowledgable person on'm hoping someone with some experience with them will post us informed....maybe try and explain in more detail what the problem more smoke??..lotsa hrs..??...etc..

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Default Re: 95 115 elpto mods

If you are happy with the preformance, I'm not sure what the problem is. I would change the plugs, the fuel filter and clean the carbs. All two strokes are going to smoke. If it is really smoking a lot you can always lean the mixture a little. I would not attempt to adjust it with out the service manual. You can destroy the engine if you lean it out too much.

The four stroke will run cleaner and quieter, but it probably won't speed your boat up. The four stokes are much heavier and operate at lower RPM's.
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