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Default 1750 sr... What prop?

I bought a 1995 1750 sr from a friend and I think the prop he had on the boat is wrong. He wanted to pull big guys so he sold the prop that came on it and put a 17p prop on it. He does not remember the pitch of the prop that he took off. The guys a computer programmer, real smart and nice but a little daffy sometimes.

The 17p prop makes the boat run a high rpm and a low top speed. The boat feels like it is first or second gear all the time.

My big question is what pitch was the stock prop. I think 21p but I'm not sure. I am considering running a 19p so my son can tow his buddies.

I am a novice boater, sort of, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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There were two available Mercrusier engines. The standard sterndrive 115hp model came with a 14 X 19P. And the optional 3.0LX 135hp model had a 13 3/4 X 21P prop.

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I know, this is an older post but... I also have a 1750SR w/the 3.0ltr LX, but was unhappy with acceleration. I switched to the 19p x 14 prop. Tops speed is a little lower, about 44mph all trimmed out. But the take off is WAY better! I will switch props depending on what we're out doing, since the other prop tops out at just under 50mph.
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