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Unhappy How do l get rid of a very anoying buziing sound coming from stereo speakers

Hello Everyone
l recently bought a 1998 3000 SCR. When l have shore power plugged in & the freedon 10 inverter is charging, l'm getting a buzzing sound from my Speakers. My stereo is a Kenwood deck with Kenwood amp and a 6 CD Changer. l have already put in a noise suppressor to the deck with no luck. Any ideas anyone?

PS It also happens when l just have the inverter on & no shore power but the buzzing sound isn't as loud.

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first off...welcome to the zoo....it sounds like the inverter emitting a radio freq. that is messing with the stereo....it maybe inducing RF into the antenna of the radio or the wires to the speakers.....bout the only thing you can do is replace the wires to the speaker with shielded wires and ground them to the dc neg....or.....try moving the radio antenna to see if that will change the noise....other than that ...you may have to put a diode between the dc output of the inverter and the batts...which mignt work....but I really think it might just be the inverter itself.....

maybe one of the elex types will chime on a possible solution.


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As output to the speakers ordinarily run at 25 volts, it is extremely unlikely that they will be subject to radio waves. Hum is caused by three things; a. not enough shielding at the line level or pre-amp side, b. low voltage, or c. a gound loop. If it's only happening while your batt charger is charging, I'd suspect that low voltage is the culprit. I believe that something along the lines of a transformer isolator may solve the problem to power your stereo head and amp, although I've never installed one not having your particular problem. A local car audio installation shop may be best able to troubleshoot for you.
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probably a ground problem. Check and see if you are getting induction voltage through the ground wire. Do youhave the radio wires running anywhere near regular 110 voltage while in port?
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