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Default Help needed with solar

Hi guys. I need a bit of advice with a small solar installation.

Boat: 2700SE

I have 2 x 105ah leisure batteries to power my electronics and I’m looking to install a 100w panel and controller to keep these topped up on the water. I dont have shore power as I’m on a swinging mooring.

Can I wire the controller straight into the battery selector so the controller will changer only which battery I have selected?

Any recommendation on how to do this or where to install a panel would be appreciated.

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Which charge controller?
Some don’t like to have no battery connected, which will happen if your selector is wired to a selector switch and you change the selection. Most will be OK, but check the specs on your model.

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Thanks for the reply.

Iíve got the Victron Blue 10a controller.

Iíve since been advised that itís best to connect the controller directly to the battery so I think Iíll do that.

Next issue is where to install the panel. I donít really want to use the forward deck so Iím thinking maybe a custom bracket for on top where the vhf Ariel is.
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