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Default Depth Sounder Blinking

My Faria depth sounder (OEM installed) seems to be acting up. Boat info is below. I have gone to the Faria site in an effort to trouble shoot the issue. No help found yet. Here's the deal. It has power and I am able to go through and set all of the functions per the Faria manual (measure in feet / set shallow alert / deep alert, etc.). I can turn it on and off with no problem. The problem is that when I am underway the "depth" reading just flashes / blinks the same number - say 14.0 - regardless of the actual depth. In other words, it seems unable to either "read" the depth OR "display" the depth. Interestingly, the sounder alarm (beeping) does still go off when at the dock (it is set for 3.5 feet) even though it is blinking that steady number - say 14.0. So, I am thinking the gauge itself must be breaking / faulty as opposed to the transducer. Any thoughts / comments / suggestions before I buy a replacement gauge? This is not a "trying to save a buck" issue as they are pretty cheap but rather more a WTF is the problem issue. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Faria has a really good replacement policy on guages. I would talk to them about it. Usually it costs a few bucks ($20 ?) for a replacement guage. This is a lifetime warranty. Technically, my depth guage frequently shows "--" instead of a depth. Definitely if I'm running at faster than displacement speeds. I use it when I navigate anchorages because that is about it's only use for me. I call it a "Digital Rode Calculator".
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