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Default 1700 radio on, battery wont keep charge

i'm using the radio a lot while just hanging out in the bay and my battery is always very low almost won't turn over unless i jump it every time. I try to take long rides before hanging out to charge it up a little but is this normal am I expecting too much from her? What does everyone do to listen to the radio while the engine is not running for hours? Battery is brand new and worked great until it got low, volt meter reads at 12+ while idling and 14+ while riding.

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What size is the battery and is it a deep cycle or a starting one? A starting battery is not designed to be discharged to far and can be damaged.

What type of radio do you have a standard one or high power with an amp subwoofer, ...? If you are running an amp an other high end electronics you need to calculate the amp/hour draw to determine what size battery you need for the time you are sitting.

Finally how many hours are you sitting with the radio on?

You may want to consider a second battery however I know space is tight on a 1700.

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Install a second battery (House Battery). Install as large a battery as you can fit. I would get a Deep Cycle AGM battery. They can be deeply discharged and recharged again. I would also install a battery isolator switch. (1-2-OFF-BOTH). Put the starting battery on "1". Put the 'House' battery on "2".

You can start on battery one, then switch to battery "2" to recharge while underway.
However, I would also consider installing a 2 bank battery charger as well.
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Battery is 27DP-DL

Duralast Marine battery - 12 months free replacement 27DP-DL- Read4Reviews onDuralast #27DP-DL

Radio is Pioneer DEH-150MP

Pioneer DEH-150MP CD receiver at

I'm hanging out for a few hours 2-5 hours each trip, the drive to the spot is not that far but I cruise around a little wot. Am I using the correct battery?
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