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bwycuff 06-11-2018 12:53 AM

Speedometer hose
Boat is a 95 2100 SRB 5.0. Last trip out, first of the season, everything was good except the speedo didnít work. Got the boat on the trailer, pulled the plug and TONS of water came out.
Researched it at home and found the hose from the speedometer was not connected on the rear of the engine before going through the transom.
It appears there was no fastener holding the hose to the fitting.
Question: how does one reach wherever that fitting is and how/ what fastener could be used to ensure it doesnít come off again?

mmwjr 06-11-2018 01:37 AM

The hose connects to a fitting on the front of the outdrive dead center at about the same height as where the trim ram are located.

Note this is not the reason you have water in the bilge as this hose goes all the way up to the helm. The only way this hose could cause water in the bilge wo7ld be a split inside the boat as well as being disconnected outside. I would inspect the driveshaft and shift cable bellows as these are more likely the cause of the water.

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