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Drmarcusv 04-05-2017 01:14 PM

Shore power
Quick question - please forgive if already answered somewhere else - when I am connected to 120 at my house, the amp meter in my boat shows that it is registering but I can't turn on any accessories. What position does the battery switch need to be in for my outlet power to work? If in the "1" "2" or both positions everything works but I'm pretty sure I'm just pulling from the batteries. I'm the off position nothing works when I'm connected to 120 outlet. Boat is 2001 Maxum 2500 SCR. FYI - the green indicator light also doesn't illuminate on the control panel but volt meter shows power...

DanielB 04-05-2017 02:40 PM

Dont you have a switch for shore power that you need to turn on? In my 2800 there is also switches for a/c, fridge, etc.

mmwjr 04-05-2017 03:46 PM

Shore power will only power 120VAC items and all 12VDC items will run off the batteries. The frig should be dual volt and run off of 120VAC when shore power is on.

The shore power panel should have several breakers; a main and several for different accessories. They all must be on. Does the boat have air conditioning (A/C)? If so there should be two shore power plugs with the second one to power the A/C only.

shrew 04-05-2017 04:01 PM

Outlets, battery charger, air conditioning, & electric stove all run on 120VAC. Everything else runs on 12VDC. Fridge is dual voltage and should default of 120VAC if present, or step down to 12VDC if not.

Battery isolater switch (1-2-Both-Off) only controls 12VDC. Breaker panel controls 120VDC. The main plus the individual breakers need to be on for each circuit you are using.

Drmarcusv 04-09-2017 09:57 PM

Thank you Shrew - I think I finally understand.

Drmarcusv 04-09-2017 09:58 PM

Thank you also mmwjr- I appreciate the help

mmwjr 04-10-2017 12:40 AM


Originally Posted by Drmarcusv (Post 47780)
Thank you also mmwjr- I appreciate the help

You can call me Mike.

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