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Kevlar7r 09-02-2014 02:29 PM

It's official. I'm in the club now!
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Well guys, it's official. Signed the paperwork, and brought her home!

We made the 170 mile journey from Port Canaveral to Jacksonville. No major issues, but found a few small ones. Port fuel gauge is disappointingly optimistic, showing full all the time. Fortunately, ran out of fuel for the port right in front of a marina in Smyrna Beach.
Shower wouldn't drain right, and the bolster over the main bunk fell down.. Doesn't look like anything was holding it, just wedged in.
Had a scary moment when the port oil pressure gauge failed, but no alarm. Did some diagnosis, and I believe its the sender. 10 hours later engine was still running beautiful.

The aft cabin floor is constantly wet. I think I saw another thread where the floor collapsed there on someone's 3000, and I think that is what happened here.

Also, there is 320lbs of ballast in storage compartment on the starboard side, and I still list a bit to port. I think I also remember a thread where someone was discussing these all list to port.

Here's a pic of her tied up at her new home, and one of me and my first mate, Chandler. (He's recovering from a play date with a raccoon. The raccoon won.)

CGG 09-02-2014 02:51 PM


mmwjr 09-02-2014 03:59 PM

Kev congrats

Regarding the gauges remove the sense wire from the sendors and the gauge should deflect in one direction then ground the sense wire and they should deflect in the other direction, if they do the sendors are bad.

I am sure other with this model will chime in on the floor and list issues.

Fine looking and feisty first mate.

Kevlar7r 09-03-2014 12:53 AM

Mmwjr, before I go spelunking in the engine compartment, do you happen to know where the senders are on these 5.0l engines? I see one hanging off the oil filter, but I haven't spotted the other yet.

Kevlar7r 09-03-2014 12:59 AM

Found a dead raccoon in the yard today when I got home from work. Maybe Chandler didn't lose after all.

mmwjr 09-03-2014 01:01 AM

Kev call me Mike.

The fuel sendor will be on the rear of the gas tank next to the fuel supply line to the engine.

The oil pressure gauge sendor will be either at the rear port side of the block next to the filter or near the distributor. It will be bell shaped.

Kevlar7r 09-06-2014 04:08 PM

Solved the oil pressure issue, the wire fell off. As far as fuel, the sender meters out as okay, so possible gauge issue.

In case someone is searching in the future, here's some info:

Oil pressure sender location above oil filter with switch.

Port fuel level sender location behind access panel under wet bar.

I'm guessing there is a similar access panel on the starboard either under the captains seat, or behind the wall panel in the aft cabin.

mmwjr 09-07-2014 12:39 PM

One down and one to go. Did you test the fuel gauge as I outlined in an earlier post?

Kevlar7r 09-07-2014 03:05 PM

Yes, I pulled the sender and tested it, and its fine. Pulled the dash panel and swapped wires for the gauges. Its the gauge. Already found a new one, gonna order it tomorrow. Also solved the leak in the pressure water system... The transom shower wasn't shut off all the way, lol.

Now to build new floor in aft cabin, determine why the macerator doesn't work, re-waterproof the bimini. Well, that's till this winter when we haul and do the bottom and trim rams.

Kevlar7r 09-13-2014 01:32 AM

Did you know, that those dc breakers under the dash can't be reset with your finger? You need to use a key, or a stick or something to push them in far enough.

In other news, there is nothing wrong with my macerator pump.

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