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tackleshep 07-18-2011 04:44 PM

What to do while out of the water...
Ok, so heres where I'm looking for the list. As most of you know my boat stays in the water 365 days a year. I use a borrowed trailer so taking it in and out is a hassle. It looks like in the next couple weeks I will (again) be pulling the boat out of the water and taking it 25 miles to a shop where they will safe me big money over the marina to get the lower shift cable fixed.

That mechanic has told me that he charges $200 to pull the drive and put it back on. Any other parts I want replaced while he has it off is just the part cost. So with that in mind..........let the list begin.......I want to replace or maintain anything I can while it's out of the water and in the shop.

rgreenwell8962 07-19-2011 03:05 PM

If you have the Boat Levelers, check the hydraulic lines that come through the transom to be sure they are not beginning to crack and that their clamps are tight. I had to pay for a complete haulout just so I could replace this $5 hose. Bottom paint? Check all through haul fittings, engine alignment, install some cool underwater LED's, drive service, zincs. Gimme a while and I'll think of a few more things to spend your money on.
Take some pics!
Have fun!

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