1992 maxum 2300scr
I think it is manual pump and switch to right by 110 receptacle is to turn pump on to shower. not sure if pump to shower is same pump as...
pump towards floor, pic is taken looking down in access cover, I think this is the shower drain pump, not sure what turns it on and off, the motor...
the large tank through access cover, shower is directly on other side of tank
I think this is freshwater pump, you can see the corner of access cover, it mounts in there. There is a small plastic part to the right of the pump....
Panel, no a/c that I can tell anywhere else as far as circuits.
close up of pump in engine compartment, 
it is plumbed up the rear corner of the boat to a cap that is labled waste water.
I think this is for the trim tabs
this is the tank in the engine compartment
this is the pump that i called the macerator pump

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