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Default Re: what to consider instead ?

Out of curiosity, how long have Maxum been making boats? Is it likely that when the economy turns that the line may be resurrected or perhaps bought by another manufacturer much the same as the auto industry has gone?
To my knowledge, the Maxum brand has been around since 1987. I'm basing that on the 10th Anniversary plaque on my 1997. I honestly doubt that the line will be resurrected. Brunswick already has the Bayliner and Searay lines which all but dominate the express cruiser market. Each serves a slightly seperate market segment in regards to price points and to a degree 'perceived' quality. There is little room for a 3rd product line essentially competing with the others. There is an inherant cost to maintain a seperate set of designs, unique products/parts and options (let's face it there are parts which are specific to each brand and inventorying items costs money), production lines, marketing and advertising, etc. Those looking for perceived quality who are not so price point conscisous will lean towards Searay. Those looking for an excellent value will go to Bayliner. I think the overall Maxum sales were dwarfed by the sales of Searays and Bayliners to begin with. At some point you have to look at the cost to maintain a line as compared to the revenue generated. Knowing that you can decrease operating costs and defer the expense and efforts to the remaining lines makes more sense in the long run. those shying from Bayliner will look to Searay. Those who feel searay is out of their price range will look to Bayliner.

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Default Re: what to consider instead ?

let's do a forum buy out ..... And go buy the Moulds.
The rest is off the shelf.

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Default Re: what to consider instead ?

You could call it the Gladiator range by Maxumus :idea:

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Default Re: what to consider instead ?

If i was replacing my Maxum tomorrow with a boat of similar spec, I'd choose the Bayliner.

Bayliner has been getting better and better recently and I genuinely don't believe you'd tell the difference between a 2008 Maxum and a 2010 Bayliner. Them line between the boats has been getting blurred more and more recently, whilst the gap between maxum and Sea Ray had been widening since 2000 or so. Anyone who hasn't checked out Bayliner recently; have a look at their website... you'd be hard pressed to find a great different between the 2 brands now.

Saying all of this though, with the way that tournament boats are so far ahead now in terms of quality, finish, handling, options etc... My next boat will be a tournament boat.

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