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Unhappy WELL....I guess it's time to end this ride.......

I've been working my butt off for months trying to not pressure the wife about the many of you might remember I wrecked the boat last summer and did 46k in damages by hitting a rock....the wife was traumatized and has yet to set foot on it....everytime I bring up something about the boat...I get a mess of crap and it's getting old...if I can't get her on the boat..there's no point in having much as I love the boat...It's just not worth the hassle of it all...

so..I'm in negotiations with a broker to sell the boat....this boat is stronger than when it came out of the mold and runs and performs great....I've done a lot of creature improvements on her and she's just great to be is with a heavy heart I am putting Wild Whim up for sale and ending my boating yrs.....

to all of you over the yrs that have been my friend...I thank you for your friendship, humor and trust over the's been a great 12 yrs here on the maxum owners club site......I wish you ALL the very best in life and on the water...



PS. Shrew will now take the reins of the maxum club site....he's don't give him any crap....

Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
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now "buck up little camper", I've been a boat owner for one year, one hurrincane, and and engine injesting with water.... and my wife has the same opinion.

even my marine mechinic wife dose not let him go on the bay no less....

so, my advise is to cancel all boat updates with the wife, and just putt putt around the pond for a season, and always bring her friends..... even the ones you don't like!

men are hunters, women as nesters, you crapped in the nest.... going to take a bit for the hen to sit down again on the egg.

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Try a smaller boat, don't give it up completely...Hell I just Joined the site...and you seem to be the most active here.
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Actually, you need to try a bigger boat. Bigger is better. That's what she said. My wife's much happier with our 46 SCB than she was with our 32 express
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hai pup,

sad to read that you quiet boating because of your wife.......but remember as i believe you have survived al the storms with your woman during your live with you both will come out stronger then you were before......good luck for the both of you with wathever you are going to do........and txs for your positive input on this forum.

many greatz, ed
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Um, if you're not around to give crap to, and we're not allowed to give crap to Shrew, well - I mean, we HAVE to have someone! Oh wait - I know, Ed's around here somewhere.....

Kidding aside Steve, sorry to hear that you two are giving up the boat but I have nothing but respect for a man who knows where his priorities lie. The boat might be fun but it is just a thing, an inanimate object. Family always comes first.

Hope you'll pop in from time to time and share your knowledge, experience, and humor.

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Since trading the Maxum in for the Chap, I check in here from time to time but rarely actually sign in and post. But, when I saw your post today, I had to respond. I am so sorry to hear about your decision (but fully appreciate that you are doing what you need to do). Just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for all you do / did here at the MOC and at the BOC - you will be sorely missed by many Maxum, Bayliner (and at least one Chaparral) owners. I wish you and your admiral the very best in the future. Please take care.

PS to Shrew- good luck to you too filling Steve's shoes, which I am sure you will do just fine.

Take care everyone!
So. Cal.
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Im in a state of shock at the moment, Seapuppy/Steve I am on the other side of the world and have woken to the news that you are calling it time for change, I wish you all the luck in the world selling wild whim, I hope you find a buyer that pays you what is worth, times are tough as you know selling boats, I would like to thank you for your input, and im sure your not going to disappear just changing tack on life, I can tell you from experience that having an accident on the water takes its toll, my friend is going for her last operation next month to fix the last of her scarring from the accident we had over a year ago, she is doing well now and life has moved on for everyone, you are doing the right thing for you and your wife which is the important thing, I do however have the feeling you will be back, enjoy what ever it is you choose to fill this void in your life with, and please keep in contact with us all, its been an honour knowing you and having you share your wisdom with us, I would like to point out to you something that i hope you have realised already, that through this fantastic site you have associated with people from around the world that you have never met in person that appreciate what you have done for them, that is a amazingly powerful achievement, some people go through their lives never knowing their neighbours names, you have reached people from as far south as Australia and helped them, and received nothing other than thanks, I hope you have the humble feeling as you deserve it.
Thanks for everything as best of luck


Huddo/ Kris
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SP, Thanks for all the help, advice and humour. You'll really be missed around here. As someone who's been married for 20 years there's little point in having a big boat without someone to share it with.

Will be happy to start giving Shrew plenty of crap but will miss you. Good luck.
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Don't know what to say...... Met you on the Bayliner site and you introduced me to this site which I have said thanks for doing so.

I just hope maybe after a season or two the wife will come around and begin to miss all your boat friends and the life style to want to get back into it again. Lets hope!

Please stay touch.....


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