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Cool Water in aft cabin - Maxum 2700 SCR

We bought a 2000 2700 SCR this summer. This fall we spent the night on the boat for the first time and noticed a real musty smell in the aft cabin.

I pulled the mattress out and noticed the "carpet" was wet in the aft port corner. The carpet was stained and mildewed. I pulled out the vinyl covered headboard and the vinyl covered "pad" that covers the aft wall of the aft cabin. I cut out the carpet in the back corner and soaked up the water with towels. It wasn't a lot of water, but it was wet.

I looked in the engine compartment and notice the fresh water tank sits on a ledge right behind the wall shared with the aft compartment. I removed the fresh water tank and saw standing water on that ledge. I filled the water tank on the dock and watched it for leaks.

I dried up the water on the ledge and replaced the tank. From the inside of the aft cabin, I sealed the three axis of the corner with 3m sealant about a foot out in each direction. After it dried I put things back together in the cabin.

Several times again this fall I noticed it wet back there. Thankfully this time I put a plastic trash bag under the mattress in that corner so it didn't get wet.

Where could this water be coming from? I can't tell if its related to running the boat or rain. The boat is kept on a lift with a cockpit cover in place that runs from the top of the windshield to the stern. Its a new cover that sheds water well.

Could water be getting into the engine compartment through the port side air intake while running and puddling on that ledge?


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The bulkhead between the aftberth and engine compartment should be sealed to prevent gas fumes from entering the cabin.

Is there any deck drains above this area? Leaking rail fittings? Have you tried wetting areas with a hose to see if water shows up?

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Are there lockers at the headboard and footboard? Is it wet inside of there as well? Rubrails, rail stanchions, cleats, cokpit lockers can all leak over time. I'd look around the water tank and look up. It might be leaking in the area of the water tank, then once on that section of sole, run and wick it's way into the next compartment.

Water travels mysteriously on a boat. What is wet is almost never where it started. It'll move in all directions but up.
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I had a 2700 for 5 years and had the same problem. It was the passenger seat above aft cabin. The factory install was really poor and the screw holes let water leak down into aft. I removed the seat entirely, took off wood mounting plates on fiberglass, filled in all holes with marine silicon and then remounted the passenger seat with heavy duty commercial Velcro. Never had leak in aft again. A sign it's leaking from above is the discoloration of the carpet in ceiling of aft. Good luck

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