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Wow that sounded like a lot of work. I never even look at my compass.

2006 Maxum 2000 SR3
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If I had seen this sooner I could have told you that the windshields tend to be one piece units that are not intended to come apart. I know because a few years ago I took delivery of a brand new bowrider and noticed that the rubber "glazing" as you call it was caught under windshield for a few feet. I thought "no big deal" but menitoned it to the rep upon delivery. He said the entire widnshield had to be replaced or I risked the glass coming out completely. They could not just re-seat it, as I sure they would have if it were feasible to save money. Hope you get yours sorted out.

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I don't plan at looking at my compass, unless the electronics die. It's more cosmetic because I don't want a hole where the old compass was removed and would like piece of mind of having a compass, charts and some old school navigation tools in a worst case scenario. I don't use my PFD's and flares on my boat either, but don't want to leave port without those either.

As far as the windshield goes, I have to think that if it were TRULY not meant to be dissambled, they would have permanently epoxied the glass into the frame and would have welded the frame together. This is simply not the case. I would think that a brand new boat SHOULD be fixed properly and it was undoubtedly easier for the vendor to replace the part and return it to the factory form a "cost of labor" perspective.

Just my thoughts.
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I've had mine to pieces a few times now seems ok
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Default Re: Removing Windshield glass

Here's an update (Note to all posters, it's nice when follow-ups are made to posts, so people can see the results. It enhances the richness of searching the forums and reduces duplicity )

I screwed out the rivets at the top of the windshield and was able to slide the glass right out the top of the windshield frame. I then applied the new gasket around the glass. I put a little lube in the track on the window frame where the glass seats and slide the glass with the new gasket down in the window frame again.

for those that have not done this, this is NOT an easy process. I ended up having to take a rubber mallet to "pursued" the glass to seat all the way into the track at the bottom of the windshield frame. I was then able to re-rivet the top pipece of the fram back together. unfortunately, the window sits JUST slightly higher in the frame than it did before. I can get all holes except for one re-rivetted. The remaining hole is lower than the rest and I can see a tiny corner of the glass when I look through the hole. I refrained from setting the last rivet in this hole. Windshield is solid. Whether or not it's waterproof remains to be seen after I finally remove the winter cover. All-in-all, this worked OK. I'm sure there are tricks and a better way to do this, but this did work. If I were to do it over again, I would probably lube the gasket instead of the track and would have used more lube to get the job done. I didn't feel like starting from scratch and ordering more gasket, etc.


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