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Default newbie that is very disappointed, any advise???

First off let me introduce myself. My name is Casey i live in Utah and have been boating most of my life. We always had a boat growing up and as an adult i have owned a 1990 chapparel 1900 but decided to sell that last fall after owning it for six years and man do i wish i had it back. We sold it to get a newer boat and recently did so buying a 2005 maxum 1900sr with a 5.0 motor in it. But have been very disappointed in it after having it on the water three different times. I am hoping there is someone that can give me some advise so i dont have to sell it. I love the look and the layout of the boat but hate the performance. It takes forever to plane out even with only one person in it yet will still hit the rev limiter with the 17 pitch ss high five prop thats on it. It does horrible on fuel consumption probably due to being run at high rpm's constantly. At wide wot it also only does about 35 mph. I have trim tabs on order and plan on putting a 19 pitch prop on it but i really dont think its gonna help. Does anyone have any advise? I want to keep it especially after i just put a new stereo system in it with two amps a sub and tower speakers as well as will have new trim tabs on as well but if i cant get it to perform better its going up for sale, can anyone PLEASE HELP?????????????????????

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welcome to the zoo....I'm kinda confused at your post here...with a 17" pitch prop it's gonna pop up on plane like a rocket....and your wot should be right around 4400-4800 rpm unless your efi...which will probably be 5200 rpm wot....but you say it takes forever to get up on plane and then you hit the rev limiter....
so....a couple of questions for clarity....1) is the engine in tune..when was the last time it was fully tuned up???..2) are you running old gas in the tank???old gas will cause loss of performance....3) is the hull clean from algae???that can cause tons of drag.....4) I'm assuming your running an alpha 1 drive.....should be ok with that a1 drive.........finally ....5) the 19" pitch will reduce your wot by about 400 depends on how hard your hitting the rev limiter in my mind should keep you within wot specs...

those are a few things off the top of my head that will cause power problems.....


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....hey there, can we assume that your engine is in good tune etc..if so....that being said, I had a 19ft Caravelle with the 5.0L, I had tried a 17pitch high five and I could never get that prop to hook would just "blow out" so to speak, causing the boat to struggle to plane and engine to over rev with no top speed. I think that prop pitch is to low for that boat/engine combo. I ended up really liking the Mirage SS 21 pitch 4 blade. It gave me a decent hole shot for boarding/skiing/tubing and top speed of right around 50mph.
Hope that helps....good luck
....p.s..also had Smart Tabs...
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engine runs excellent it is carbed and will fire right up and purr like a kitten. yes the hull is clean, the boat is in a 1 condition. i would think it would launch out of the water with that prop but it does not. the gas is new as i have run nearly 70 gallons through it. I hope its like cj says and it just blows out. I have a new stock 19 three blade ill try.
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I can't offer any advice on the High 5 prop as I have never used one before. I do have a simlar boat though and my brother also has a Chapparel so I can offer some comparison here.
My Boat -- 1996 Maxum 2100SR with 5.7l 2bbl
My Brothers Boat -- 1985 Chapparel 200XLC with 260HP 5.7l 4bbl
I was running a standard 3 blade Aluminum 21p prop and could get about 55mph out of it but I was only running at 4000RPM (a bit on the low end).
I also noticed it was pretty sluggish coming out with 4-5 people on board (all adults).
I decided to re-prop and save the 21p as a spare and I replaced with same 3 blade aluminum but in a 19p.
I now run at just over 4300 RPM (probably right at 4350) and can get 52mph with just me (about 49-50 with 4 people).

Now the brothers Chapparel does have a bit more engine than me but we are about same weight, length and beam. He has the stock 3 blade aluminum 21p that came on it from the dealer and can get about 58mph with 1 on board. With 4 people it is closer to 55-56mph.

Now I will say the Maxum definitely takes wakes much better than the Chapparel though!
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You are under propped and blowing out. I had a 19' Caravelle with a 4.3 that I ran a High Five 21 on it and it would run 50 all day.
Your previous owner probably pulled tubers or wakes and used a 17 for the needed torque.
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You sure you dont have a spun hub? put a mark on the hub and on the prop right next to it, take her for a ride and see if the lines still meet up
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^^Not a bad idea^^ My guess is also eiher spun hub or under propped. I would not expect you should be hitting the rev limiter. A hub is far cheaper than a new prop, so I would start there. If still a problem, I'd be looking at re-propping. Have you run it through a prop calculator to see about where you should be?
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Lt. JG
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What is or how does a prop calculator work? I never thought of a spun hub but it makes sense since i have a bad hole shot and im hitting the rev limiter.
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with the motor off, put the boat in gear. then reach down in the water and try to spin your prob.

if you can turn it both directions, then your engine coupler is slipping.

start with that.

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