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You should check the fuel supply lines as a first step. Fuel goes from tank to fuel filter via a fuel line. Filter to fuel pump via a fuel line, then fuel pump to carburetor via a fuel line. Fuel pump also has an internal filter and there is a filter where fuel line goes into the carb (assuming your boat is carbureted).
Easy check is to look at the fuel lines going into and out of the fuel filter. They are rubber hoses that you can disconnect and look through. Make sure these lines are not kinked when installed.
If these lines are clean, replace the fuel filter and clean the filter in the fuel line at the carb.
If problem persists, they you need to take a look inside of the fuel tank. I bet there is gunk in there with problems like JoDo mentions.
Mike had good question in this thread, how do you get the boat re-started after it dies? Is it just a matter of time?

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Originally Posted by JoDo View Post
Maybe a long shot - I had repeated trouble over a couple years with my boat dying after a short time in the water. It would run fine in the driveway with muffs but out with any type of load it would die. Last year I found there was a ball check valve at the fuel tank outlet that was gummed up with varnish. Replaced that and ran well the rest of the season. Winterized my fuel well with Stabil and have had no problems this season. Maybe worth a check

Results of ethanol.
Pretty sure the ball is steel.

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Hello All: Sorry for the long absence. The engine is a 4.3 Liter V6 Mercruiser. My late dad bought it in 2000.

My mechanic from Stetson & Pinkham in Waldoboro, Maine, took the boat out this past weekend. He is going to try to diagnose the problem in his shop. These are the things he has checked out and there are no problems with these things:
Ignition Module
Oil Pressure Switch
Installed a used fuel pump from another boat, it ran for 45 min or so then died like before
Checked for water in fuel line

Any other suggestions? If you have questions I should be asking him, let me know. He is a long-time professional mechanic and he is baffled by this problem.

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If I thought it was a fuel issue I would be hooking up an external tank. This removes the fuel, fuel tank, check valves, filters and hoses from the equation. He used an alternate fuel pump which exhibited the same behavior as before. However, he didn't isolate any of the variables upstream of the fuel pump itself.

Model Year 2000 sounds like a carb. I'd be looking downstream as well and considering whether there needs to be a carb rebuild.
Leave me alone, it's Boating Season!!!
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You really need to inspect and/or remove the steel ball in the check valve. imo

ethanol destroys these.
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literally a 5 minute job and that includes beer time.
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If you have a carb make sure fuel filter in carb is cleanI also had issues with engine stalling at 4000rm. I took fuel line pickup out of tank and cleaned it and check valve. I now can reach 4800rpm with no problem. If you have a carb make sure fuel filter in carb is clean. It should be at the end where fuel line screws into carb.
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Again check the fuel tank vent to ensure its not clogged.
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It bums me out when people don't come back to report. I'll bet it was the check ball.

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2000 maxum 1900, engine breakdown, please help me, problems with maxum

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