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Default Looking up boat trailer VIN

I am looking at buying a trailer. The guy doesn't have the title - so I will have to apply for a new one.

How can I look up the VIN to make sure it's clean before I buy it?

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I don't know about New Hampshire, but I can tell you what I would do in Washington.
Is the seller the legal owner? If yes, you go with him to the auto license place and he can apply for the lost title and transfer it to you ( when you give him money) at the same time.
If no-does he know the legal owner? If them both at the license place.

If you can't get the legal owner involved.... I would not buy it. They deliberately make it difficult so that it is less profitable to steal stuff. That is a good thing.

There is no easy process in Washington to get a title just by knowing the VIN. There is a way, but it involves registered letters and waiting periods, etc. then, if during the waiting period it is found that it I'd stolen.... You could lose it. it would have to be a pretty nice trailer, pretty cheap to be worth the PIA that can be....

For NH I would contact the auto license place and ask them.

I hope that helps.

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Trailer Registration and Titling (New Hampshire)
[/h]All trailers 15 years old or newer must be registered. If your trailer weighs 3,001 pounds or more it must also be titled.
To do so you must visit your local town clerk's office, making sure to bring proper identification. Each town charges its own registration fee so you might want to call ahead to get a heads-up on what to pay.
When it comes to titling you must pay a $25 application fee and a weight fee. If your trailer weighs between 3,001 and 5,000 pounds you must pay $24. If it weighs between 5,001 pounds and 8,000 pounds the cost is $36.
For trailer fees above 8,001 pounds ask your town clerk.
If your trailer is homemade and tops the 3,000 pound limit you will also need to complete a Homemade Trailer Statement.

Are you sure the trailer is over 3K? It may not need a title. I would call DMV to verify if you have specific questions.
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