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I have about 20 lines during any given season. 8 dock lines, 8 boat lines, and a few misc. lines. Teh 'Dock' lines are tied to the pilings on the dock. Once I tie them in the spring, they remain untouched all season. I tie them with a clove hitch finished with 3 half-hitches with the loop ends toward the boat. This way when I pull into the slip, they are all the exact size I need and all I do is use the loop ends on teh cleats. (2 Fwd Springs; 2 aft springs; 2 bow lines; 2 stern lines). The 8 boat lines reamin on the boat for rafting up and tying to transient docks and marina slips. I buy a new set of dock lines every season. Last years dock lines become this years boat lines. I keep my boat in tidal water in a marina with fixed docks. We are somewhat exposed to whether so the lines will take a beating throughout any one season. I use a different color line for the springs which are longer, as opposed to the bow./stern lines which are shorter.
I also typically use 25' and 35' lines for this process. In some places I could get away with a 20', while in antoher I could probably do with a 40', but I squeek out a 35'

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...but the spring lines are very important to keep the boat from rocking all over the place...

Ok so please forgive my lack of knowledge concerning tie offs, but could you please explain "spring lines" to me. Thanks

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a spring line is usually used to prevent the boat from moving fwd or back at the dock....usually you tie it off from the mid cleat or stern cleat fwd to a mid cleat at the dock.....the object is to keep the boat from moving and banging into the dock.........

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I use four 5/8" thick 20' lines (2 fwd, 1 mid, 1 aft) and two 25' lines for a spring lines on my 3200.

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