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That top looks really tall, how high above your head is it when your standing up? I need to get one for my 2100 but have not taken the measurements yet. Do you cruise with yours up and if so how is it holding up? Off topic, did you add the trolling motor? I am looking at putting one on, but want to be able to remove it when I know I am not going to be fishing. I made a removable mount for my last boat that hooked on the front bow rail and rested against the rubber strip on the side, worked pretty good, but was bulky.

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The top is about 6-7" above my head but i'm only 5'9". This seems high to look at, but it works out great when moving around with fishing poles.

When I was shopping for mine I basically had three height choices 30-36", 40-46" and 48-54". You can cut it to get any height you need. I bought the middle one and cut it to about 42"

I have ran pretty fast with mine up and it seems ok, but I don't have a 5.7 . The manufacturer says not to. I normally just fold it back when I'm going to go fast. Just unclip the front straps and go.

I did install the motor myself. I leave my on all the time. We travel down many shallow coves even when not fishing.

My friend has one of these and it works well.

NEW! Electric Steer Quick Release Bracket with Cover (MKA-32)
Designed for fast removal of any Terrova™, PowerDrive™ V2 or PowerDrive bow-mount trolling motor.
New cam-lock design features ultra-tight tolerances that eliminate bracket movement and noise.
Locking lever includes pin and lanyard.
Upper and lower plates include slot for securing with padlock (not included).

Includes composite cover that attaches to lower half of bracket when motor is removed, keeping the deck profile clean.

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Default Bimini Tops

I have been snooping around this forum for awhile and have picked up some good info. Thank you all.
Since this Bimini Top thing was the center of my research over the colder months I thought I would make my first post for what it is worth.
I have a 1997 2300 SC and absolutely don’t care for the Convertible top that is factory issue. Yes, it is a little older and has suffered shrinkage but the big thing is the lack of headroom and having to zip open a flap to stand up and see out. (that dangling flap drives me nuts).
I have installed bimini tops on a couple other boats I owned but was never real happy because they were generic and seemed flimsy…the kind you get from “outdoor sports” stores.
So one snowy evening last December I started surfing the web for everything I could find on bimini tops. I soon decided I wanted a top with specific height, width, and length dimensions, extra thick wall aluminum tubing, all stainless steel fittings and hardware, Sunbrella fabric, and the ability to store and travel with it in the “radar arch” position.
A couple things I learned were: Never mount the bows to a windshield frame. Our Maxums and Bayliners require that the bow mounts be placed outside the window/side glass. To do this you need a swivel mount that works in any position. (not just on a flat surface like the ones that come with most top kits). This wider mounting also gives you more shade. I have a mooring cover which utilizes the snaps for the convertible top so the wider mounting does not let the mounts or bows interfere with the cover. When determining the height you need: Add six inches to how tall you are and subtract the distance from the mounting location to the floor of the boat and you have the height you need. Important: You may be inclined to start with a higher top figuring you could shorten it if it is too high. Although the main bow can be shortened, the starting height dictates how much it can be shortened due to the location of the other bows on the main bow. For example a 46” bow can be shortened 8” while a 48” bow can be shortened only 4”.
Even though my top was a little more expensive than the run-of-mill top I am pleased with my Bimini. I bought it online and did not know who the manufacturer was until I received it. I later did a web search for the manufacturer, Carver Industries (864-457-5820) and found that I could have saved around $100.00 at another dealer. Oh,well! If you care to, do a search of you own for price but a good starting place is
I am sorry for the length of this post but I hope it helps.
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BM..actually it is a good post... :shock: ....good information to share....thanks for posting and welcome to the zoo...hope you stick around and post to your hearts content......... 8)
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I had the same problem and just added t rods to tilt the bimini back in the closed position check out my boat picture in the gallery

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<img> 2_serialNumber=2&g2_GALLERYSID=c2b1932ca966b9a289f cb92cdc4c8259</image>
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