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Default Anybody tried a 4 or 5 blade prop?

I have a '00 1900SR 4.3 Carb Alpha I Gen2. After 2 years of owning the boat, I have been toying with ways to get a better hole shot. She has the original prop and runs right in the WOT sweet spot (over 50 mph), but I always feel like it takes too long to get on plane or planes at a bad spot for watersports (wakeboard, tube, skis).
I have considered:
-Trim Tabs but ruled out the significant investment
-A whale tale but there seems to be alot of bad feelings toward these regarding wear and tear on the outdrive
-4 or 5 blade prop but need info

From my reading, finding the right prop guy to let you try it out and determinig the right pitch for your boat is time consuming and really a matter of feel. I was wondering if anyone has a 1900SR or similar and has tried a 4 or 5 blade prop so I know if it is worth the time investment to upgrade the prop or if the extra blades make little difference.


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Consider extra blades as providing extra traction - same as fitting wider, stickier, tires to an automobile. It will have a better holeshot but will come at the expense of your top speed.

You might be able to achive the same by going with a 3 blade SS prop - they flex less than an aluminum prop. You could also go with more pitch on a 3 blade aluminum prop. Regardless of what you go with you'll likely lose top end.

Adjustable trim tabs is likely the best answer here, they cut my time to plane by probably a second and lowered my min planing speed by several MPH. Some folks here, however, swear by the "self adjusting" tabs and they are significantly less expensive than adjustable. Others also swear by the whale tails.


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actually the investment between a new prop and trim tabs is pretty much the same without exceeding the WOT spec...I'd go with the trim tabs...
as stated the whale tale will put too much strain on the outdrive...not a good investment..

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I have the same boat. Right now it has the OEM (Black Max) 14x23 3 blade prop and it performs great. At WOT, light load (me and admiral) i get to about 4700rpm (range is 44-4800) and 51.3 GPS. It is also does ok pulling a tube and yanking a skier up. However, my adult sons are football sized guys and when they BOTH are with me with their wives I have a "load"! So, after much research, consultation with my tech and his prop "guru" I just bought a Solas Rubex 14.25x19 4 bladed prop and slapped it on last night. Hoping to try it out sometime this week when I can get both sons to join us. I am a bit skeptical about the 19 pitch being too low, but went with the "guru" recommendation. I will report back after I have been able to try it out with the load. Damn sure I am going to have to closely watch the RPM when it is just the admiral and me tho!
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hai country

lot of years ago i had the same boat like you and changed to a high five prop....she jumped out of the water much higher end speed but for pulling tubes or waterski it was great...

good luck and greatz, ed
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Thanks for all the great advice everyone. I had ruled out trim tabs since a $800 investment just isn't in the budget, but after researching the smart tabs option, it appears to be the right choice for me and my wallet.

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Installed Smart Tabs on my 1800 sr last spring. Best $120.00 I could have spent on the boat. I installed them in about 45 min. Much better hole shot and much more stable wide open
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Danny, did you get the 60 or 80 lb tabs?

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